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Remember to charge your phone, your ipod and…your glasses??

March 3, 2011

Dr. Golson and the entire Team here at Envision make a constant effort to keep up with the latest in lens technology. Leading edge technology equals better optics which in turn gives you sharper vision correction. Hoya, our lens manufacturer, uses some of the best lens technology available today. We were amazed, however, when we read this article about a new lens that could revolutionize the optical world. Many thanks to Bill Higgins at Integritive for sending us this incredible article from the NY Times! Read it and let us know what you think or if you have any questions. How would you like to wear these lenses? Would charging the glasses be a hassle? We love to hear your ideas about what we can do to provide you with the most up to date optics possible.


Taking Care of Your Glasses 101

February 2, 2011

Your Envision Eyecare Team cares about your best sight correction. Because your sharpest vision might often be obtained through the use of glasses, we also care very much about the quality and functionality of your eyewear. Like many things, for your eyewear to work well, they have to be well cared for.  When we dispense new eyewear in our Optical area, it is common for patients to be surprised at our advice on this subject. Hence, the impetus for this blog post!  This post is important info for all you folks out there that clean your glasses on the shirt you’ve been wearing all day, clean your glasses with a kleenex or paper towel, place your eyewear lens side down on the table…you know who you are, we’re not naming names 😉

Truth be told, we’re all guilty at some level of not taking the best care of our glasses. They are small, easy to misplace, and cleaning them correctly is not always the most convenient thing to do; however, the only choice that you have when your lenses have become scratched is to deal with the scratches or to replace the lenses. This means that the very best thing you can do for your glasses (and therefore, your eyesight) is to take the best care possible of them. Not sure how? Fret no more! The Envision Team is here with fantastic tips and instructions for keeping your glasses looking and functioning like they did the day you picked them up!

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Why Retinal Photos?

January 10, 2011

Patients often wonder why the Envision Eyecare team advises retinal photos. A good question since, when it’s not covered by insurance, there is a $39 fee associated with it. What’s the value and why is it in the patient’s best interest to “opt in?”

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In Gratitude to the Exceptional Envision Team!

December 23, 2010

I read the following letter to the Envision Team at our yearly Holiday party last week at Mela.  It occurred to me that it would be great to share it with our readers to show how much appreciation there is for the people I have had the good fortune to assemble to serve your eye care needs.  After all, how could we stand by our pledge to deliver excellent customer service and care without an excellent (and happy) team?  It starts with our people–the most important aspect of Envision Eyecare.  The letter is as follows:

“It is important for me to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for what each of you does.  It is easy to get enmeshed in our everyday routine with all of the tasks and procedures that make the Envision experience unique.  We love to joke and have fun, and even though tonight is about a celebration, let us set the tone for a moment to get serious and philosophical about the big picture.  After all, we are not floating aimlessly in the sea of practice management; we are intentional and exceptional at what we do.  Read more…

Eyes on the runway…

November 29, 2010

Fashion for Fall/Winter 2010 is vintage in a big way, and that goes for eyewear too! Glasses and sunglasses have long surpassed their status as merely functional, and instead have become a chic and stylish accessory (think of them like you would a fantastic pair of shoes or a great bag).  Lately, more and more designers are not only using eyewear on the runway, but actually have full designer lines coming out for each season. This season, there is no question; the look to go for is 1950s and 60s vintage.  This retro look could partially have been influenced by the U.S. release of the John Lennon biography Nowhere Boy which includes some eyewear styles very similar to what we see coming off the runway. Below are some of the trends you’ll see going into the new year.

Think darker, thicker frames for the men…

Flirty cat eye looks for the women….

And don’t forget about sunglasses! You’ll need them just as much for the winter sun! The classic aviator continues to be popular for both men and women, and the large, round frames of the 50s for the ladies are being seen on celebrities from here to Europe.

Envision carries lines of eyewear that are at the forefront of the fashion trends of each season. Be sure to come check them out! And remember, whatever your style might be, the team at Envision is ready to help you pick out your next stylin’ pair of eyewear or sun wear!

Industries for the Blind

November 8, 2010

It is my pleasure to share with you the extraordinary experience of my recent visit to Industries for the Blind (IFB), a local business operating in West Asheville.  In our world of environmental calamities, economic uncertainty, violence and apathy, it’s important to focus on something that is truly positive, something that brings a breath of fresh air to the media’s consistent barrage of negative messages.

Started in 1939 in Winston-Salem and affiliated with the National Industries for the Blind, the mission of this Nonprofit 501(c) 3 is: “We will improve the quality of life for people who are blind or visually impaired by offering them employment opportunities and benefits that, without us, almost certainly would not exist”.  They later expanded to open branches in Asheville in 1996 and in Puerto Rico in 2006. The main function of IFB is to produce goods for the US Government.  It breaks down like this… Read more…

‘Twas the Night Before Halloween

October 29, 2010
‘Twas the night before Halloween and Envision was stirring
With plenty of glasses that had a strong yearning
To get out on the town, to go strut their stuff.
But Envision was closed; to get out would be tough.
The frames began talking, conspiring with each other
The OGIs tried opening one window, the Silhouettes, another.
But the windows were locked with not even a crack.
To escape, the glasses would have to plan an attack.
 “The windows are locked, and the doors are all closed,
But there must be another way!” the sunglasses proposed.
“We’ve got to get out! It’s Halloween!
We can’t wait twenty minutes, or even fifteen!”
 They planned and they talked and they talked and they planned,
It was finally decided the Maui Jims would command.
The escape was constructed, they deemed it foolproof!
They would shimmy up the walls and through the vents in the roof!
All at once, every light in the office shone bright.
A looming shadow stood at the door, what a fright!
Dr. Golson had come back, the doctor had returned!
The frames all stayed silent, afraid their plan would be learned.
But the doctor was quick in the office then out,
He had forgotten his costume and couldn’t party without!
The lights turned back off, but as the door was closing,
One brave OGA frame caught it without the doctor supposing!
As the doctor drove away, everything seemed alright.
The frames all lined up and ran out in the night!
They were finally out, they were finally free!
All were in costume and on a trick-or-treating spree!
As they knocked on the doors and gathered their sweets,
They didn’t do much tricking, but got lots of treats!
Then one frame cried out, as they faded out of sight,
“Happy Halloween to all! And to all a good night!”